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HEX Jackpot


Lucky Number

Generate a random number between 0 - 1000. If you get the lucky number (), the jackpot is yours!

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      How to play

      1. Deposit/Approve the Contract. This allows the Jackpot/Contract to transfer HEX on your behalf. Enter the amount of hex you would like to use on the jackpot. Needs to be at least one entry cost ( HEX) Remember, Hex is only deducted from your address when you Play. This process is simply approving the contract.
      2. After approving the Contract. You can play the jackpot game by clicking the "Try Win" Button. Each entry Costs Hex. After the transaction has been confirmed, you are generated a random number. if your number matches the lucky Number (), You Win the jackpot! Each entry/play will be deducted from your approved/deposited balance. You will need to maintain this balance yourself.
      3. Once the Jackpot is won, the total pot is reset and a new game is started. Good Luck!