Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Where does the entry/game cost (10,000 HEX) go?

    The entry fee is broken into 3 groups. First, a 10% (1000 HEX) dev fee is deducted which goes to the contract creator. The rest (90%) is split into thirds. 1/3 (3000 HEX) feeds the current jackpot and 2/3 is set aside for seeding the next jackpot when the current jackpot is won.

  2. What happens when the jackpot is won?

    Every time a entry is played 6000 HEX is set aside to seed future jackpots. When a jackpot is won, half of the set aside HEX is transfered to the next round of jackpot.

  3. How do i claim the jackpot if i won?

    If you win the jackpot, there is a claim button beside your unclaimed prize total. If you click this, it will run the contracts claim function to transfer the winnings to your address.

  4. How is the random number generated?

    Random numbers in solidity is hard to achieve. Thanks to the Help of Niguez Randomity Engine A truely random number is generated each time.

  5. What are my chances of winning?

    1 in 1000